Welcome to Lotus Organizing and Design

Stressed out by clutter?

Tired of living with chaos?

Feel as if you'll never get your life under control?

Even the most determined person can be immobilized by disorganization, but with professional organizing help you can start each day in your uncluttered office and end it in your well-organized home.

Imagine how calm you’ll feel when you find what you need when you need it. You’ll have more energy, more time for the people and activities you love, and more pride in your home.

Because the lotus is associated with calmness and simplicity, we find ourselves breathing easier when we contemplate this flower. With help from a professional organizer, you, too, can breathe easier, living a calmer, simpler life.

Whether you need help with one closet, one room, or your entire home, Lotus Organizing and Design can help. Our professional organizing and interior design services will improve your productivity, reduce your stress, and give you exactly what you need: more control over your time, space, and activities. Our mission is to provide you with the most innovative and high-quality solutions to enhance and simplify your life.

We serve clients in and around the Twin Cities Northwest Metro, and also offer services by appointment to the Lake Vermilion Area.